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College Prep Softball Combine

College Prep Softball Combine Brought to You By Hitters Count Training Facility Powered By OA Parisi Speed School

We are proud to bring you this one-of-a-kind softball event to Portland and the Maine Athletic Complex.  We recognized a need to have a combine specifically for softball players to get some objective, measurable and independent results in some key areas.   

We also are excited to announce that we will have college softball coaches in attendance for the high school workouts!  We will have a full list of schools attending very shortly.

This will be the perfect event for softball players for the following ages;

  • 8th Grade:  This is perfect to get a baseline on results to see where your focus should be during off-season training and also see how you measure up vs other athletes your age. 
  • 9th-12th Grade:  This event will get you the objective and independent results you need to pass along to the colleges you are interested in.  What better way to add a ton of value to your online profile!  Plus these will be certified by OA Parisi Speed School!  We will also have college coaches attending the event!!

Event Information

Date:  Saturday, January 19th

Time:  10:00am-2:00pm

Location:  Maine Athletic Complex located at 1173 Riverside St. Portland, Me 04103


8th Grade: 

  • All Players (Pitcher Only, Position Player, or Multi position):   $125

9th-12th Grade:

  • Pitcher Only:  $125
  • Position Player Only:  $150
  • Multi Position (Pitcher and Position Player):  $175

Registration Information

Please click on the link below to register.  Please keep in mind that there are 4 registrations for this event;

  • 8th Grade - These players will get assessed in strength and speed activities plus softball activities (including hitting, position play and pitching as needed)
  • High School "Pitcher Only or Position Player Only" - Means your daughter wants to be assessed as either a Position Player ONLY or as a Pitcher ONLY.   These players will be assessed in all speed and strength activities plus all pitching activities.
  • High School " Multi Position" - Means your daughter wants to be assessed at multiple positions or as a position player AND a pitcher.  These players will be assessed in all speed and strength activities plus all hitting and positional throwing activities.

Why Getting Certified Times are Important.

Do you want to get noticed by college coaches?  One of the best ways to get noticed is to have the data and measurements which are certified by an independent organization.

What better way to add great value to your Collegiate profile than to have all of the important results a college coach would be looking for in addition to your talent on the field?  Hitters Count Training Facility has what you need AND we have partnered with OA Parisi Speed School to offer certified results which can be placed in your individual profile for college. 

College Coaches in Attendance

As a prior collegiate athlete and now being heavily involved in the recruiting process, there is no better way to assess athletes than in person and under stress.  We will have college coaches in attendance watching both the OA workout portion plus the softball specific drills being run at Hitters Count Training Facility.  

The college coaches will be provided with a list of players participating in the event plus we will forward your online profile should you have one.  This will allow the college coaches to review your profile well before coming to the event so they can zone in on who may have the qualifications to attend their school. 

Colleges Attending

Bates College

Central Maine Community College

Johnson & Wales

Southern Maine Community College

St. Joseph's College

University of New England

University of Southern Maine

More to come!

Measured Performance Areas

OA Performance Center will measure:

  • 40 Yard Dash with times at 10 and 20 yards as well. 
  • Home to First time
  • Vertical Leap
  • Chin Ups
  • 5-10-5 Shuttle Time
  • Broad Jump

Hitters Count Training Facility will administer:

  • Pitching Velocity (with different pitch types)
  • Pitching Video (Bullpen and Live)
  • Throwing Velocity for Position Players
  • Defensive Skills Evaluation and Video for All Position Players
  • Hitting Video (BP and Live)
  • Exit Velocity (Batting Tee)

*Outfielders will make throws to third base and home.

*Infielders will make a variety of plays to first, as well as start and turn double plays. 

*Catchers will make throws to each base with pop time recorded on throws to second base. They will also perform blocking drills and receive throws from the outfielders. 

*  Each player will receive a printed certificate with all results plus we will e-mail an electronic copy.  

Mandatory Information Survey for Enrolled Players

All enrolled players must fill out the survey link attached below.  This will provide us and the college coaches in attendance with important information about you!

Link to Information Survey

Players Registered

Elise Connor - South Portland

Lydia Howarth - Kennebunk

Madison LaFlamme - Lewiston

Mia Micucci - South Portland

Abby Orso - York

Jordyn Rubin - Lewiston

Emma Burnham - Bonny Eagle

Chloe Wilcox - Windham

Bryanna Baxter - Winthrop

Jadyn Cunningham - Barrington, NH

Hannah Lappin - Old Orchard Beach

Ella Wilcox - Windham

Julia Torre - Cape Elizabeth

Anna Gilbert - Gray/New Gloucester

Morgan Curtis - Gray/New Gloucester

Maddie Russo - Scarborough

Madison Emmert - Auburn

Players Who Have Completed the Mandatory Information Survey