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2020 Northeast Prep School Combine

2020 Northeast Prep School Combine

2020 Northeast Prep School Combine

We are proud to announce our 2020 Prep School Combine brought to you by Hitters Count Training facility and Prep Baseball Report!  We know this current year has been, well "different", and has caused a backlog for players trying to commit to play in college.  

More and more players are considering a post graduation year and there are many benefits to doing this.  We have an event that will get these prep schools in front of your athlete in order for you to gain more knowledge and understand your options!   What are some of the benefits of a prep school?  

  • Backlog of recruiting for 2020's-2023 graduation years.
  • Rosters at college levels are expanded.
  • College recruiting is currently restricted due to NCAA rules (COVID pandemic) and colleges are not allowed to attend many events across the country.
  • Post Graduation, Reclassification, and traditional paths at a private Prep School prepares players for college life (Study Habits, Time Management, Living Away from Home, etc.)
  • Prep School Baseball Coaches are well connected with many Colleges and University programs to help your son get promoted to them. 
  • Gain an additional year to get better, stronger and faster in preparation for your college baseball career. 

General Combine Information

Who can attend:  2020-2024 Grads

When:  October 25th

Where:  The Ballpark, 7 Ballpark Way OOB, ME

Time:  9:00am-2:15pm

Cost:  $125.00


PBR Registration

All players will register through the PBR portal and there is no charge. Players will get: Profile Photo, Scouting Report, Video Hosted on Site and Stats


Bridgton Academy

Brooks School

Cushing Academy

Deerfield Academy

Lawrence Academy

Loomis Chaffee School

Philips Academy Andover

Philips Academy Exeter

Taft School

The Governors Academy

Winchendon School